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Triple Feature; Zach attack!!

This week I bring you something a little different as all three contributions are in theaters presently. I saw three very different flicks this past week, and all three with very different reviews. So without delay; I bring you the three movies I saw, in the order I saw them in!
Hereafter Pictures, Images and Photos
On the Big Screen: Hereafter (2010)- Written by Peter Morgan and directed by Clint Eastwood. Starring Matt Damon, C├ęcile De France and Bryce Dallas Howard. This movie has all the makings of a blockbuster; powerful premise, big name star, award winning director and the marketing budget that seemed endless. Problem is; the movie was heartless. After an exciting first ten minutes or so, the movie managed to slow to a snails pace and seemingly suck any suspense or emotion out of every viewer in the theater till it is void of an identity. After much self anticipation by the hopes that Eastwood and Damon together could never be a failure, I was very much let down by terrible screen adaptation and a muddled, AT BEST, storyline. To me the story was one or two exciting scenes amidst a two hour, drawn out story lacking substance, that was more transitional scene after transitional scene. I found myself truely believing if I had to watch another scene where Matt Damon was eating dinner alone, I just may claw my eyes out.

I pride myself on being the "positive" critic who is a believer that if you have nothing nice to say, maybe it should not be said. However, a movie that is this much of a 'let down', as my expectations were high coming in, I cannot bite my tongue on this one. To me, it just seems that a movie that advertises itself as a movie about the after life, should probably at some point in time actually delve into the topic that is the after life. Buried under this multi-million dollar heap, is a lost and illogical love story that takes forever to evolve with several side stories that try so desperately to intertwine in a all paths intersect in the end kind of way that is as predictable as it is nauseating. At the end of the day, only three things are clear, this movie has very little to do with anything paranormal, Matt Damon must have been throwing back some Boston Lagers when he read this script, and much like Joe Pa, maybe Clint Eastwood is getting old and its showing.

Action rating-1/5, I counted two scenes the entire movie that were somewhat exciting
Sex appeal-0/5, nothing remotely sexy in the entire 2 plus hours
Comedic appeal-0/5, nothing close to a laugh through out entire film
Deep thought rating-2/5, being generous, but perhaps could be thought provoking to the easily entertained rating-48%
IMDB rating-7.5/10 (what a joke)
CVB rating-2/10, worst movie I saw this year, perhaps one of the worst ever!
FINAL COMMENTS-Many reviewers have mentioned similar sentiment in that perhaps the film makers had focused on one plot line, such as just the Damon character exclusively, perhaps it would have been a better movie. Far less muddled for sure. A lifeless love story at the end of the day that is disguised as a "think piece" that will leave you looking at your watch hoping it just will end soon.

Due Date Pictures, Images and Photos
On the Big Screen: Due Date (2010)-Written by Alan R. Cohen, Alan Freedland, Adam Sztykiel, and Todd Phillips, Directed by Todd Phillips. Starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis. From the Creator of Road Trip, the Hangover and Old School (Phillips), comes the Trains, Planes and Automobiles of the next generation. Utilizing the hilarious and "hot on the pop culture scene" status of Galifianakis to create a character who borders on the unbelievable, the film makers manage to make a movie that is funny and heart felt. Though it teeters on the absurd from time to time, it should not be anything unexpected going into a Phillips film.

To me, it is just silly that this movie is only currently receiving a 39% on Rottentomatoes in contrast to the previously reviewed Hereafter which is getting 48%. Let me set you straight, in the previously mentioned film, I couldnt run out of the theater fast enough. I contemplated writing the Production company, Clint Eastwood, and the theater I saw the movie in letters demanding retribution for monies and time lost; and probably would have done so if it didnt mean losing yet more of my life to the awfulness that is "Hereafter". Upon seeing "Due Date", I smiled, felt I had spent money on a quality contribution to society, and enjoyed the rest of my afternoon with my wife. To a movie snob, a Todd Phillips film will never be well reviewed, but if you are like myself, and can enjoy ALL aspects that is going to the cinema, then you can understand how important just good old fashion entertainment value can play into ones after thoughts. This is such a case. THIS MOVIE IS FUN, IF YOU LIKE FUN, YOU WILL LIKE THIS MOVIE...bottomline.

Action rating-4/5, nice action mixed in for a dramedy
Sex appeal-1/5, not really existant unless you can appreciate bro love
Comedic appeal-4/5, very funny flick, you'll love the scene with Danny McBride
Deep thought rating-3/5, abnormally high substance for a Todd Phillips joint rating-39%
IMDB rating-7.1/10
CVB rating-7/10
FINAL COMMENTS- Solid flick, heavily reliant on the comedy of Galifianakis, luckily that is good enough, coupled with good comedic writing, this ironic plot line keeps you tied through till the end credits. A nice surprise a few days after one of my bigger let downs of the year.

Its-Kind-of-a-Funny-Story Pictures, Images and Photos
On the Big Screen-Its Kind of a Funny Story (2010)-Written and Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, Novel by Ned Vizzini. Starring Keir Gilchrist, Emma Roberts, and Zach Galifianakis. This is a wonderful story that takes a look at the inner workings of a depressed teen who lacks perspective on how sad life can really get. With yet again the comedic stylings of Galifianakis inter woven into this serious film, this movie also branches into aspects of love, family and the meaning of life itself.

In just a little over an hour and a half, this feel good movie takes you inside the mind of a loathing teen who believes he is suicidal only to find that not only do some have it worse in life, but perhaps the hand he has been dealt is not as bad as he once thought. A movie that I really think is about perspective more than anything, this movie leaves things un said that I believe keeps the films integrity in tack, and allows the viewer to use a bit of imagination on the ultimate outcome.

With enough comedy to sustain any lulls that may have existed, the serious story is strong enough to stand on its own. As this movie has been out a little bit, it is soon on its way out of theaters, if you are able to catch it while it is still out, please jump on any opportunity to see this and feel good about life. If not, put this on your MUST RENT list, and move it to the top of your Netflix queue.

Action rating- 2/5, not an action film, couple points for character sneaking in and out of secure areas
Sex appeal- 3/5, some steamy puppy love scenes that stay PG for the most part
Comedic appeal- 4/5, for feel good humor that is generated by Galifianakis and others in the psychiatric care unit
Deep thought rating- 5/5, for a deep movie with more than just is what on the surface, led to some nice conversation on the drive home. rating-60%
IMDB rating-7.4/10
CVB rating-8/10
FINAL COMMENTS- With nice contributions from the young Gilchrist and Roberts, Galifianakis is complimented nicely with good acting and a plus story that accentuates Galifianakis's range as an actor and not just a comedian. With the funny Matthew Maher and Adrian Martinez (maybe the beginnings of a break out for both actors) adding to the humor factor, the layers of quality film in this flick is truely deep.

1. Let Me In--9.5/10
2. Catfish--9/10
3. Social Network--9/10
4. Its Kind of a Funny Story--8/10
5. Kick-Ass--8/10
6. Despicable Me--8/10
7. Predators--8/10
8. Devil--7.5/10
9. Shutter Island--7/10
10. Due Date--7/10
11. How to Train Your Dragon--7/10
12. Date Night--6.5/10

COMING SOON: REVIEWS OF The Town, Easy A, and Nowhere boy!!! Three movies I can't wait to see!

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